So I bet you've been wondering if we went to the Pumpkin Patch this year.
You know.

We go every year.
And my answer is
But here's the thing.

Due to lack of rain.
The crop, um, well.
We did, however, find a few green big ones.
And my kids were more than thrilled to be there.

And that, my friends.
Is why we go every year.

We really love it.
Even when the crop is crappy.
And there's so much dust we can hardly breath.
We really do love it.

We always get a pretty sweet family picture.

 Here we are last year.
For some crazy reason, I failed to blog about our trip.

Shame on me.

Holy mama.
Look how my kids have grown!

And for all of you wondering how on earth my husband was able to break away from work while it was still light outside?
Don't worry.
He was still working.

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Pam Jorgensen said...

I love how you are all bundled up yet all your boys are in shorts and short sleeves!