They came.


And it snowed.

A lot.

We had fun.

And got lost.

We are sore.

But freak.

My siblings are awesome.
(We missed you Judson!)

Untitled from Jordan on Vimeo.

**Sidenote: Shay and I determined on this little trip that we are too old and too chubby to get the most out of boarding. Maybe it would help if our pants weren't so tight . . .


Shay said...

that was so much fun! thanks for inviting us and taking us and letting us stay at your place.

way cute picture!

its nice to see how i board...when i'm fat and out of shape.

Ingelheim Five said...

Wow, what a fun day of snowboarding! We laughed for an hour at dinner just listening to the stories. And Jud texted that he's on for next year. Woot! Thanks Dixons!

Mortensen Baby Farm said...


Judson said...

i wish i could have come! looked so fun!!