So here's the thing.

We take our kids skiing once a year.

That's it.

One time.

It's quite expensive, you know.

I'm starting to think, though.

We need to go more.

Reason #1.

My kids love it.

Although I was a tiny bit worried when Reese couldn't stand having his boots on.

Who knew the problem was a simple wardrobe malfunction . . .

Our friend (and expert skier) was up there as well.

I talked him into giving my boys some lessons.

Enter a fun loving Reese and a super competitive Gavin:

 Reason #2:

We get to stay in a hotel.

And, really.

What's more fun than staying in a hotel that has a chocolate display at the door?
(Yes, friends.  ALL chocolate.  I'm pretty sure this is what Heaven is like.) 

And letters for Santa?

And cookies upon check-in?

And with a staircase in the room?

I'll tell you.


 Reason #3.

I mean.


Kids in all their snow gear?

What's more cute?



I really wish I had more videos of Gavin.

Truth is.

He was much too busy going down the bunny hill by himself
over and over and over and over.

And when he got bored.

He tried a blue run.


He's crazy like his mama.


Kayleen said...

ok. i need some suggestions. Tyler wants to go snowboarding for his birthday for the first time. it looks like you have it down. Why oh why do we not live in the same town?

The Dixon Family said...

I'm telling you Kayleen, COME VISIT! We can all go together!